Why 40-30-30

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As we reported in the description of the Block, the Zone Diet is a diet where each meal must be made up from 40% of Carbohydrates, 30% of Proteins and 30% of Fats.

These percentages show how much energy must be recovered from each Macronutrient for each Meal and therefore, since,

  • 1 mini block of Carbohydrates contains 9 grams of Carbohydrates and develops 4Kcal of energy
  • 1 mini block of Protein contains 7 grams of Proteins and develops 4Kcal of energy
  • 1 mini block of Fat contains 3 grams of Fats and develops 9 Kcal of energy

With some simple calculations, we find out that each block develops an energy equal to 91Kcal splitted as follows:
  • 36Kcal from the Carbohydrates (4Kcal x 9gr)
  • 28Kcal from the Proteins (4Kcal x 7gr)
  • 27Kcal from the Fats (9Kcal x 3gr)

Summarizing in tabular form:
Mini-block Macro-nutrient grams
per Mini-block
KCal developed
per gram
Tot. Kcal % on the Meal
Carbohydrate 9 gr. 4 Kcal per gr. 36 Kcal 40%
Protein 7 gr. 4 Kcal per gr. 28 Kcal 30%
Fat 3 gr. 9 Kcal per gr. 27 Kcal 30%
Exactly the 40-30-30 of the Zone Diet.

An example to go in depth: the first column shows the detail of a block:
Meal Mini-block Protein Mini-block Carbohydrate Mini-block Fat
Chicken: 27gr. 0,9 0 0,1
Pasta: 12gr. 0,1 1 0
Oil: 3gr. 0 0 1
Meal Total Block 1 1 1,1

Perfectly in the ZONE!!

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