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Choose the Foods, set the blocks and the weight is set from the APP!

Your Meal in ZONE

By clicking on Make Meal you can access to the tool of the APP to make ZONE meals of your Zone Diet APP!
From this section, by clicking on Add Food you will be able to access thousands of Foods... and the Foods Database is constantly updated!
Once you have chosen all the Foods of YOUR Meal, for each of these you could decide whether to set the weights manually (because you know the weight of the food) or whether to let the Zone Diet APP set them for you!
If you decide to manually set the weight of some food and to ask the APP set the weight of the others, it will be very useful to use the LOCK feature. By setting the weight of a food as LOCK, the APP will change only the weights of the foods in which this feature is not set, leaving unchanged the LOCK weights.
The APP set the weight of the food when you act on +/- buttons, with which you can set the number of Blocks of the Meal.
Once you have your Meal in the Zone you can decide to save it by clicking on the Disk icon or by clicking on the Daily Blocks button. In any case, the Meal will be saved in the Food Record.

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